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Zoom Flexibility

This may have been posted already but:

I am experimenting with using MobileSheetsPro on the conductor's stand (orchestra and wind ensemble) with full scores loaded. After markup and with some good score study it is very usable but still clunky compared to paper (I am using a 10.1" screen) which would be adequate (for me) with the following options implemented:

Landscape and portrait modes:

1. Quick Zoom presets - 100%, 200% etc with 100% as the default for a quick return to the full page (portrait mode) or half page (landscape mode).

2. Ability to pinch zoom on spots instead of just the full page. If I place my two fingers over a note I would love to be able to pinch zoom to that specific location.

3. Related to number 2 - After zooming in I cannot scroll/drag left to right or right to left - only up and down. The ability to zoom into a specific spot and then scroll freely would make this my go-to score reader on the stand in rehearsal (and probably performance).

Providing these options would increase the use of MobileSheets on the conductor's stand incredibly! I publish my parts as PDF files as well as my scores but the scores are tough to read without the above suggested features in a working rehearsal. Implementation would go a very long way in helping, not only the working conductor/composer, but PDF publishers in the desire to distribute their PDF scores.

Thanks and I am looking forward to version 5!

I would love to be included in any beta testing you are doing.


Reber Clark
"In theory there is no difference between theory and practice, but in practice there is."

After reading some more of the posts here I can see that everything I'm asking about is probably available in version 5. For me it will be very much worth it to buy a 12" or larger tablet along with whatever it takes to purchase an upgrade from MobileSheetsPro to version 5. The upgrade cannot come soon enough for me and I'm very excited about this. I love this program - I think it just might help change the future of print publishing of music.
"In theory there is no difference between theory and practice, but in practice there is."


As you have discovered, most of what you are asking for is coming in version 5. As for your request in #1, I'm not sure I have something that really meets that requirement. I'm adding a new rehearsal mode at some point soon that will allow users to stay in the annotations editor, and pinch zooming is really fast in the annotations editor, so that may meet your needs.


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