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Text Box Blocks Location Where I Want Annotation
I am having that problem again where I want to add annotations, but the text box blocks the location where I want to put the annotation.

Relatedly, is there a way to control where the text box is on the page.  If so, I could just move it.  But I couldn't not figure out how to do that.

Actually, the other problem is, I think, the tablet keyboard ends up blocking the text box.

I will double check that this is not user error as soon as I can.

If you are creating a new text annotation, you can't really control where the edit window comes up - it just tries to position itself on screen and out of the way. I'm surprised it's blocking your annotation though - I thought I addressed that, but I guess there is still a problem there. One thing I could add support for is a little lock icon at the top right that would let you lock the position of the text edit window somewhere on the screen. Let me know if this would be useful for you. If you want to move the edit window you can always drag the move icon at the top right of the window, so normally it's not a big deal to just move it out of the way if it's blocking you - just an inconvenience.

If I misunderstood you at all, and you are just trying to move a text annotation let me know (that can be done with the selection tool and dragging).

Now that you told me how to move it, it should be fine. Maybe I was wrong about it blocking the text. Maybe the problem was just interfering with the tablet's virtual keyboard.

In any event, as long as I can move the text box, I should be okay.

Actually, I might have a problem if the tablet keyboard blocks the location where I am placing the annotation. Anyone run into that?

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