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Long press doesn't always bring up overlay
About 70% of the time, when I do a long press, I will get the overlay page that I expect.

The rest of the time, I have to press several times and in several places before I get it to come up.  I don't know if this is an MSP issue or a tablet issue.  I never seemed to have the problem on MS.  

I'm running an ASUS Transformer Infinity

I'm going to need to fix the long press detection. I don't believe the way it's implemented right now is optimal. I have code in other areas like the annotations editor that are handling long presses correctly now, but I must have missed fixing the overlay long press.
I've had the same problem (see point C in my thread "Some feedback after use"). I thought it might be caused by my tablet (Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2) but clearly not.
I'm seeing the same thing with my Samsung Galaxy Tab 12.2,
Version 1.0.6 should have much better long press detection - can you try it and let me know if you encounter any issues?

I've just updated and I've quickly cycled thru many many songs.  It seems to detect the long press now \o/    TYVM!
Long press now much improved with 1.0.6. The trick seems to be to hold the press until the overlay appears. Many thanks.
short click and long press is working.
wiping doesn't work at all with my tablet. (??)

(Point of view, 13.3)

The new mobileSheets is fantastic!

Content with: Blaupunkt Endeavour 13.3, Airturn Duo (august 2020)
I had the same issue with short and long-press not working (interestingly, swipe was the only one that worked consistently). Have not had any issues with v.1.0.6. however.

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I'll have to test the swiping again.

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