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MobileSheets on E-Ink-Display
Thanks for sharing your feedback about the Boox Max 2. If you load a song, tap to bring up the song overlay, tap the display icon at the bottom left that looks like a gallery icon then tap on "Orientation", you can lock the device in flipped portrait. That should help with the power button issue. You can also find this setting under Settings->Display Settings->Device Orientation Lock.

(06-25-2019, 02:47 AM)Andrew9999 Wrote: I thought folk might be interested in my results trying out a Boox Max2 with MobileSheets.  Firstly the app works perfectly, as expected, usual excellent product.  The eInk display customisations work well.  My only issues have been with the eInk technology itself.  The Book Max2 is an excellent piece of technology - incredibly light and slim, and feels solid nontheless (light presumably because the display tech doesn't require glass).  It worked as designed with great battery life.  So, fundamentally, my gripes are with the state of the art with eInk displays this size:

- You can't get back-lit displays this large, so its only front lit (like the early eReaders).  This means it can be difficult to view under certain lighting conditions (e.g. if its dim in the room).  I tried clip-on front lights, but its hard to get a uniform illumination with such a big display (the front lights are designed for "normal" eReaders);
- Page turn is quick, but certainly not as instant as on a normal Android tablet.  There is still a noticeable lag from clicking the foot pedal to the new page refreshing and appearing - just too much to not have to think about it.  Perhaps I'd get used to this in time;
- The on/off button on this device is on the bottom - and very slightly raised.  This means that when I have it on e.g. a Piano, the flat bottom of the music stand is sufficient to push the button and either put it to sleep or re-boot it.  I have to raise it on a couple of small rubbers to stop this happening.  It would be fine (and the viewing angle is actually better) if you could use it upside down - but I haven't discovered how to let the screen rotate;
- It's grey scale, not colour - this means if you've been annotating your MobileSheets songs, or adding links, they all show up in faint grey - and e.g. if you used "bright yellow" marker, this shows up as quite light grey.  Of course this is adjustable - but means you might not find it easy to see them if you simply import your database from a normal android device.

I read rumours that there's a Max3 in the works --- although no specs or dates are available.  Adding back-light to the display would have been enough to convince me to keep it - I could overcome or get used to my other gripes Sad  


Great to hear about MS on EInk. Thank you!
Just to clarify - are you using MobileSheets optimised for E-Ink devices from FastSpring store or version from Google Play Store?

Apart from battery life what I really like on Eink devices is that they have plastic flexible displays with no glass. Which means lightweight, thin and rugged device. I've seen too many broken glass screens.

EInk readers cannot use back-lighting. Light cannot shine through the EInk layer. They rather use "side" light.
In case of these smaller "side-lit" displays the glass layer is necessary. Which means more weight and more fragile.

Apparently Sony's Digital Paper DPT-RP1 has brighter screen compared to Onyx Max2. Sony's overall hardware quality is much better and very often is discounted to $599 on Amazon.
For example (both being 13.3" size) Sony's weight is only 12.3 oz (349 g) compared to 19,4 oz (550 g) of Max2. I think Max2 is still overpriced for what you get.
Sony's Digital Paper DPT-RP1 has no Android from the factory. There is a guide how to root/hack DPT-RP1 and enable Android on XDA forum but Bluetooth good functionality is not confirmed yet.
I also read rumours there's 3rd Gen Sony Digital Paper in the works. I don't give much hope that Sony would enable Android but at least they could sort out the tragic Bluetooth situation.
Sony was so dumb that they disabled Bluetooth keyboard/page turning possibility and used Bluetooth only for file transfer.

Silicone bumper case or TPU border would solve the on/off button problem. I would just cut the hole for on/off button.
Or you can force the device into diferent orientation with one of the many third-party screen rotation apps on the Play store.

For a good few years EInk is making (and selling) colour displays but is not able to deliver their faster refresh rates.
First E-Ink 13inch epaper Android device with front light born:

PS: There's something going on with embedding YouTube videos on this forum. Works in old MS Internet Explorer but not in Chrome or Edge browsers.
Just installed MSP on my new Onyx Boox Note 3 and I'm extremely satisfied with it. I bought it on the official Boox store at Ali Express.
Fast, responsive, you can read music for hours with 2%/3% of battery drain, it's great.
I'm using an early build version of MSP for E-Ink provided by Mike which perfectly fixed the free form writing latency.

It's a 10.3 inches, with the auto-cropping feature of MSP I think it's perfect for jazz standards or similar sheets. And that size makes it comfortable for other purposes like e-book reading.
However, for classical or any other kind of music requiring A4 pages I would obviously suggest the Boox Max.

I chose the Note 3 instead of the Air because is quite lighter (funny, as the other is called "Air") and it has double storage capacity. It costs just a few euros more, and it's less "fancy".

The only slightly con I see on these readers is that the screen, even when called "carta", it's still not really comparable to paper in terms of brilliance and readability. Real, good, paper is perfectly visibile even on low light environments, the reader is more on the gray-ish side and you need to switch on the frontlight.
Hello all,

Just received my new Onyx Boox Max Lumi (13,3").

I've installed the e-ink version of MSP from FastSring strore and it's works well.
This is a very confortable device for my eyes, better than my old Asus tablet.

I use MPS since 5 years and i discover new functionnalities each day (perhaps i should have read the user manual  Angel) even if i used basics functionnalities and that's why i just found this forum  Blush . It's a very great apps.

Many thanks to mike to continue to improve this apps.

Wish you a happy end year

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MSP on Onyx Boox Max Lumi (e-ink Version) and Asus transformer TF300 (Androïd)
Piano Yamaha CVP 605

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