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Overlay - sheets not shrinking
Have searched this with no luck, but I suspect I'm missing something obvious here. This is with the Pro version, but I had the same problem with the non-pro version too.

When in overlay mode and wishing to add link points the sheets don't shrink down (as I believe they should, so all off the sheet will be visible), therefore you can't link to a point on the sheet if it's obscured by the overlay. Anyone?
See if this is what you want, settings>display settings>always show the title bar.
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I think this is something I will have to address, as users shouldn't have to access that feature in order to properly place link points.
The "Always show the title option" has given inconsistent results for me so I gave up on it. When working properly, the bottom overlay still obscures part of the sheets.
I'm really curious - are you leaving the overlay up at all times? I didn't think this was something people would want to do. If a lot of people are doing this, then it would be worthwhile to either add a setting to ensure the overlay does not obscure the sheet music, or just make that the default behavior.
(05-11-2015, 03:53 AM)Zuberman Wrote: I'm really curious - are you leaving the overlay up at all times?

No, just when trying to add link points. Although the bottom overlay is generally less likely to be covering a location I'd link to/from, it's still irksome.

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