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MS on phone needed
I own a license from Amazon plus MS and MSPro from Google play. Fortunately the Amazon license allows me to run MS on my phone. There are times when limited use on a phone is critical. Unfortunately the play store licenses won't operate on my phone. As a beta tester I know the concerns of allowing the program on a small device. Knowing that I still think that allowing soemthing is better than nothing.  

Ideally I would like to run run MS Pro on my Galaxy Phone. In an emergency or unplanned situation it is very valuable.

If this is not possible then is there a way to load my existing MS Pro backup onto MS on my phone?

I am willing to pay a premium to unlock MSPro on my phone to keep things simple.

Just last week my partner misplaced his tablet. With MSPro on the phone we would have been in a much better situation for our gig.

I can verify that MS runs great on my Galaxy s2 in landscape mode even with limited real estate. There are times when accessing playlists, lyrics or chord changes would be a great feature on the phone.

Ideas please?
There are a number of merits to this.
- once bluetooth/wifi master and slave is added, where the master controls pages and songs on the slaves, this could be very useful for controlling the slaves from a small device (although a dedicated controlling MS app would be nicer, it probably would not need to have the actual songs, but just indexing, categories etc. where it can send out the song and page numbers would be better I would think)
- running chromecast or HDMI to a larger screen
- many running chord pro or lyrics only would find it useful
- backup device (as suggested by gman)

However I presume everything gets so small it is impractical, but obviously you have it running ok in landscape. Interesting.
Setting up songs might be difficult, but with the companion and being able to import a backup (from tablet) then it is not as much of a problem. Sync between devices also.
My plan is to release a light-weight version of MobileSheets that runs on phones (tentatively called MobileSheetsLite). This version would be much cheaper, and have a much simpler UI. It would be for people who don't want or need all the bells and whistles, and want a simplistic approach to managing their library. The main approach to file management will be synchronizing to folders (the details will need to be worked out). MS Lite would be able to restore MS Pro backups - it just wouldn't use a lot of the information. I'm hoping this will fill the current void when it comes to using phones with MobileSheets.

While waiting is there an easy way to import my mspro data into ms original?  I would be happy with a performance mode only version that would simply access my full database. No need for editing or entry on phone.

Also willI I be able to keep using my original Amazon putchase? Once loaded with my current database it does everythong wanted on the phone.

I should emphasize that my interest in the phone is either as a backup or unplanned performace when my tablet is not available.

Thanks for  your fabulous work. Musicians in St.Louis are amazed when they see it.


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