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Some thoughts . . .
1) About the title bar in song view mode

- Maybe the songtitle in the titlebar could follow the 'title format' from the settings. I can imagine there may be a space problem when tablet used in portrait mode. So maybe dependend on portrait/landscape. Or an additional checkbox in the title format settings.

- Currently the selectable icons in the title bar are all on the left. While on the right there is the only page/from indication.
Maybe a 'righthanded/lefthanded user' option in the settings would allow to switch this around so that righthanded people would not to have to reach all the way to the left.

2) Currently there is the 3 finger select possibility to open the annotation editor. Is there a reason 3 fingers was choosen (and not 2 finger)? Just asking because my tablet does not support 3 finger AFAICT, and beeing able to open annotation editor directly for page x for a multi page sheet seems quite handy
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Thanks for the suggestions. I like the idea of making #1 optional through the title format dialog. As far as switching the buttons, it seems like this would go well with the left-handed alphabet list, so I can work on releasing those together. As far as #2, I didn't use the two finger tap originally because I was worried that people might accidentally trigger the two finger tap while doing a zoom. I'm going to go ahead and make both the two and three finger taps customizable in the next update so that people can choose the behavior they want.

Ran out of time for adding those in the next update, but I will add them as soon as I can.


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