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2 Import Bugs - Batch import failure and duplicate filename confusion
Hi, I'm a longtime user of the old Mobilesheets, and recently upgraded to the new Mobilesheets Pro. Here are two problems I've run into:

1) When I transferred all of my old files from Mobilesheets to Mobilesheets Pro, I did a database backup/export in the old app and imported it into the new. It mostly when well, except for songs that had the same title. For example, I have a couple different Real Books (split into individual song PDFs), and some of the same song titles are in both books. In the old app, I had both imported just fine, saved to separate files. When I imported the database, wherever there was a shared song title, the new app chose one file and replaced all the other songs with the same PDF. It has been somewhat arbitrary, too, as to which file is chosen as the master file to wipe out the others.

I don't quite understand how the songs all existed together just fine in the old app, but were overwitten by the new app.

2) I just tried to add another collection of songs tonight (about 400) via the batch import, and when I did so, it failed on every song, except for ones that matched titles for already existing songs from other books I have loaded. In those cases it overwrote the files from other books with the new ones (not what I wanted to do). So I tried to batch import again and made sure to uncheck "Update songs if matching files are found." This time, all the songs in the folder being imported failed.

Now, interestingly, when I go to the folder in my device storage (internal, not SD, and the default path Mobilesheets Pro sets), all 400 of those songs are there. There are folders for all of them, with PDFs within all of them (well, at least the random ones I checked of the 400). However, none of them show up in the app.

I'm running Android 3.1.10 on an Asus TF300 with Mobilesheets Pro 1.1.8
Hi Poparad,

This is mainly because of a shift in how I manage files in MS Pro. In the original MobileSheets, I ensured that file conflicts would not occur by renaming every imported file to contain a database ID in the file path. A lot of users did not like this though, so I removed it in MobileSheetsPro. As part of the migration to MS Pro, I try to clean up the old file names by removing the database ID. The program is supposed to recognize when a conflict will occur, and keep the original name in that case, but based upon your description, that did not occur. We have a couple ways we can handle this:

1) You can upload a database backup for me to use in testing to ensure that no files are overwritten as you described.


2) You can clear your library, then go to Settings->Storage and check "Add Unique Id to Filenames". Now restore your original library and the files will not be renamed.

As far as the batch import, there is a bug right now where if "Auto-crop" is enabled, the batch import will fail on PDFs. I have a fix in place for the next update, but I've been held up on trying to get a new PDF rendering library integrated. For now, you can just disable the automatic cropping on the batch import to get around this. As you mentioned, the files are successfully copied to the storage, but the automatic cropping feature causes it to error out before it's added to the library database. This bug was just introduced in the last update.

Sorry for the hassles.

Thanks for the reply!

I've been using Pro long enough now and added enough new tunes, that my original database from the old app is outdated. I've fixed the duplicate errors for the songs I use the most, and as for the rest, I've been meaning to go through and tidy up things for a while now. I still have all my old PDFs on my Dropbox, so fixing things shouldn't be too difficult.

And secondly, aha! Thank you, that fixes it! I must say, the new auto-crop feature (when it's working) is a godsend to my regular usage of the app. Collections are also my other favorite new feature.

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