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MobilsSheets Pro DISASTER - cannot load pdf-s
I have just started using MobileSheets Pro (few weeks between concerts so it's safe to try something new). About says Version 1.1.8 from Google Play. I have been using the original MonbileSheets for over a year, and think it's great.

I have a 116-page PDF "Hanon The Virtuoso Pianist". I believe I downloaded it from the IMSLP Petrucci website. My copy is here:

In the original MS it loaded OK, with the first few page turns getting the "Waiting" icon for a few seconds (the first two pages are text I skip through immediately), but after taking the time to play the first page of music, successive pages display immediately.

In MS pro the first 7 pages loaded similarly, but page 8 has not loaded in several minutes of waiting. I can page back to page 7, but page 8 is just not coming. I can even page forward to page 9 and beyond, but page 8 is just not coming. Further in, some pages get the Waiting icon for a few seconds, and the waits seem longer than in the original MS (I never had waits this far in).

I have a 5-page PDF "Lange Flower Song", which I scanned myself. In the original MS it displays just fine, without waits.
The 3rd and 4th pages display all white (not even a Waiting icon).

A random selection of about ten songs (out of 1073), shows that every one displays Waiting for a 1/2-second or so before the first page. Sometimes the last page of the previous song is displayed briefly. I seem to have had bad luck in my first two choices. But if I go back to them they still have the same problems.

This is MUCH worse than the original MS. I cannot use MobileSheets Pro until this is fixed. If the first two songs I tried failed so badly, how can anybody use it?

FYI I loaded MS Pro via the PC companion, not via a backup from the original MS. I used the same PC directories from which I loaded MS original.

This is a Hannspree 13.1" tablet. I have two, but only installed MS Pro on one of them. (I am a professional software developer and am paranoid when it comes to computer reliability.)
I just tried your large pdf on my p900 and it seems to work just fine. I only went to page 20 but the page turns were very fast [almost instantaneous] as long as I waited at least 2-3 seconds between turns. the lange file was the same, except no wait. I suspect it's a hardware thing, not the app.
Dell Latitude 13.5" 2-in-1 Ubuntu/Win 11
Samsung Note Pro SM-P900 12.2 Android 5.0.2
Samsung S7+, Android 12
tjrob, I will throw something out there, but I won't pretend I am an expert. But, here are my thoughts, for what they are worth.

Did you try to load the entire document into memory? Is there some setting for that? Maybe the ram could not handle it.

Anyway, that is something I would inquire into and play around with if I were you (but, thinking about you you are a professional software developer, so I doubt I'm helping you much).
The next update switches everything over to a new PDF library for rendering. I tested out your first file (the 116 page one) on my Nexus 10, and everything seemed to work great. I did the same with the second file and encountered no errors. Each page loaded in 2 seconds or less (the new library is a little faster to render). If you want to try out a beta version of the next update to see if it fixes the issue for you, send an email to mike@zubersoft.com and I can give you a version to test.

I recently upgraded to MobileSheets Pro 1.2.1 and the new companion (which does not figure into this).

These two files, which failed as described in my earlier post, now display correctly. I did NOT re-upload them (if that matters).

BTW I have been using MS Pro for several weeks, with only minor problems that can be worked around (a different thread: companion cannot delete songs, and companion cropping fails miserably).
Version 1.2.2 restores the old PDF renderer, so you will want to wait to update unti 1.2.3 or 1.2.4 where I'm going to add an option to choose which PDF renderer should be used.

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