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Typing while usb footpedal connected
I use a usb foot pedal for page turning, but while it is connected I can't get the screen keyboard up (eg to type a title for a new setlist). The tablet apparently thinks the footpedal is an external keyboard so doesn't give me access to the internal one.

Maybe this is a tablet usb issue rather than anything that can be fixed within Mobilesheets, but any suggestions would be welcome. The tablet is a Yarvik 10".

Thanks, Ray
This is unfortunately the way Android works. Here is the good news - there is a setting to help you out with this. If you go into the bluetooth options in MobileSheets, there is a setting that will automatically toggle the bluetooth off while you are viewing your library so you can type with the virtual keyboard, then enable bluetooth when you load a song. Let me know if you have questions about this.
Thanks Mike, but I still can't get the virtual keyboard - presumably because I'm using a wired usb footpedal, not a bluetooth one?

Oh sorry, I missed the USB part. That is definitely an unfortunate limitation of the Android operating system. I'm not sure what kind of workarounds there are besides unplugging the pedal.
I always had to unplug when I had a USB pedal. I know that it can be a hassle, but the pedal IS a keyboard, with only 2 keys (page up/page down for most pedals). On my current tablet (ASUS 300T), an option comes up at the bottom on the status bar to toggle "Physical Keyboard" on/off. I'm not sure if this is an ASUS thing or an overall android thing.

I attached 2 screenshots to see if you have this or not. Hope that it helps!

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Thanks both. My Yarvik doesn't give the toggle option so it appears the only solution is to unplug the pedal if I want to type.

Nuisance - not the unplugging, which is easy enough, but remembering to plug it back in! I have more than once found myself mid-tune and unable to turn the page, then looking in panic at the footpedal plug sitting three inches away from the tablet!

Thanks again,

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