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Any Sign Of Windows 10 version
So looking forward to this arriving. Thanks for your efforts Mike, you really have turned Mobilesheets Pro into a super app.

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Thanks for the update! I can't wait to see what the finished result is!
Add me as a Beta tester, too!
Any sign of release? I saw somewhere that it was supposed to be ahead of Thanksgiving...
My goal was to finish it last week if possible, but obviously I've missed that goal. I should be able to get something ready by the end of this week though. I'm going to post additional information about the beta then. The approach I'm most likely going to use is to publish the app on the Microsoft Store, but only make it visible for people with a link. I will then email that link to users who want to beta test, who can then purchase the app and begin testing. This will allow a seamless transition between the beta and the public version as I just switch it to being visible for everyone.
Two questions:

1) I've already purchased MSPro for android. Will I have to repurchase for Win10?

2) Can I be added to the beta? Or will there be a separate post giving out access?
1) Yes, MobileSheets for Windows 10 is a separate application that is sold on a separate app store (the Windows store).
2) You can certainly be a part of the beta. I'm either going to just post the link to the private app store listing so anyone can join the beta, or I'll email out the link. I can't think of any reason not to just post the link here though and let anyone join the beta that is interested. Having a separate beta version for Android turned out to be quite a pain for a number of reasons, so I'm hoping this approach will be better, as the beta is just an early release of the same product that will be sold when I'm ready to make it publicly accessible.
Hi, I'm so glad to hear that Mobilesheet is going to be available for windows 10.
I'm waiting for this moment for a while, and of course I'm volonteer to be beta tester Wink
Thank you Mike
Just wanted to let everyone know that the Windows 10 version is going through the approval process right now on the Microsoft App Store. I don't know exactly how long it will take, but I'm hoping it will be approved sometime today (it was submitted last night). I'm going to start posting more information on the forums though just to get everyone prepared that is interested in beta testing. I will be setting up a new section on the forums for Windows 10, so the information will be posted there.
Great news ! Keep the info comming Smile

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Fantastic stuff. I can admit to checking at least once per day:-)
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Just put a bookmark in my browser to keep track ;-) Would love to try de beta!
It's LIVE, guys. Look here:

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