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Add <Blank> to drop down fields
I didn't see this in the current version and maybe there is something that would provide the same function, but couldn't find it.

I would be nice if there was a <Blank> option in the pulldown fields to allow to filter songs that didn't have anything entered in a particular field (Kind of like Excel does with auto filter.  i.e. Blank and nonblank)  After adding so many songs sometimes I forget to add data to a particular field, so when filtering for a specific entry, those songs that are blank never get listed.  This would help in not having to go through 100's of songs to see which ones didn't have any data in particular fields.  It would allow the filter to work on <Blank> or empty fields so that only those songs would get listed so that data in those filtered fields could be entered.

This is by no means a critical feature, just something nice to have sometime in the future.
One option would be for me to add the same Exclude/Include/Assigned/Unassigned options that are stored for the Collection filter for all the other dropdowns. This obviously creates a lot more information I need to track and handle, but if this would be useful to people, I can certainly do that. I just hope it wouldn't create additional complexity for most people. Adding a <Blank> option would be much more difficult though because I populate all of the lists based on what's in the library. Adding an extra entry in the list that is fake and is not tied to any real data and has to be handled specially creates a lot of problems in the code. For example, I have to handle the "Load All" option this way when viewing lists and it created a lot of additional code (and problems along the way).

Adding Exclude/Include/Assigned/Unassigned to more filters would definitely be useful and is consistent to what we already have.
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