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Sending midi to multiple ports

I'm considering buying a Midisport 2x2 AE and wondered if MSPro can see both outputs when connected via USB? If so can it send the midi commands to both outputs simultaneously so that the same command can be seen by 2 devices?

I am trying to find a setup where I can use MSPro song selection to set the correct patches on both my Korg Krome and Cantabile 3 on my laptop. I can learn midi on Cantabile and have successfully set the correct patch on the Korg from the Cantabile song selection and I can set the patch directly on the Korg from MSPro.

On stage my tablet and my keyboard are right in front of me, but the laptop often has to be placed behind me, and out of reach, due to space. I want to minimise the cable spaghetti so if I could take the MSPro midi and merge it with the Korg midi I can send both to the laptop. BUT I would also want MSPro to set the patch on the Korg at the same time. That means having only one midi cable going to the laptop and not 2. Also using USB from the tablet without requiring a midi in/out cable from the tablet would also reduce clutter.

I currently use a Roland Duo audio interface which only has one midi input and so I need to be able to send the midi commands from MSPro to the laptop at the same time as midi note info from the Korg.

To complicate things further I would like to add another tablet to use for controlling Cantabile on the laptop for things like volume, pan, mute and solo. I think I have that sussed and will probably use TouchDAW or TouchOSC, both of which I can use over wi-fi and so not add to the cable clutter. It's a solution for the use of MSPro as my master controller for both laptop and Korg that's eluding me. The Korg Krome doesn't appear to offer any form of midi thru, or if it does I can't find it or make it work.

Has anyone already got a similar setup at all or any experience with MSPro and using it with the Midisport 2x2? Any advice or assistance would be greatly appreciated. I love MSPro and being able to use it to set up all my sounds on Korg and Laptop, while selecting a song, would be amazing!!

Thank you!!

It's a long time since I did anything really serious or complicated with midi, but one thing I do remember is that midi can be "daisy-chained" to keep the cabling down to a minimum.  This makes me wonder if you are in the process of complicating a simple issue and you don't need the Midisport box at all.

You can find plenty of information about this subject on the net.

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MS Pro does support sending MIDI commands out to multiple channels at the same time. You can leverage this to send to multiple devices if the cabling all works properly. You would need to duplicate the MIDI commands in each song though if you want the same command to go out on each channel. You also need to enable multiple channels in the MIDI settings before the dropdown will be shown.

Cheers for the responses.

I think I've come up with a solution that will let me work the way I would like without buying new gear and still keeping the same cabling.

With my tablet connected to my Korg I can easily change patches for each song using MSPro. However, with the Korg not echoing the midi messages to the midi out port I was struggling to come up with a solution that didn't involve some kind of midi box. The Korg also doesn't send midi information when its patches are changed from the tablet.

I did discover that the Korg sends Program Change messages when you manually change a patch. I have the Korg connected to my laptop via a standard midi cable via my Roland Duo audio interface and so I can set up my audio software this way.

My solution is to use MSPro as the master controller to set up the Korg and then just move off and back on to the required patch. The laptop software I am using is Cantabile 3 which has a setting to load a song when it receives a PC message. It has a delay setting so that it waits a second or so before reacting. By using this it ignores the PC message when I move off of the patch and responds, after that small delay, when I move to the correct one.

It works! Ok, there's a slight delay but is still a whole lot faster than doing all the changes manually. It means I can set up the laptop and more or less ignore it.

My next task is to get another tablet and use Touch OSC to control the settings in the song on my laptop (volume, pan etc). It can do this wirelessly over wi-fi so no extra cables! Result!

Thanks for the answers though, it is much appreciated.

Now all I've got to decide is what tablet to get!!  Confused

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