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Song editing in Companion App

first: MobileSheetPro is great! I love working with it! (At home and in leading the worship in our church services)

I already have hundreds of songs in the database. But I want to expand the posibilities in categorizing and finding suitable songs for a new set of songs. This is a great feature in MobileSheetsPro.
But this is possible only in Song Edit mode; and this is accessable only in the MobileSheetsPro app as far as I found out.

Thus, for editing songs in the Companion app I always have to be connected to MobileSheetsPro on my tablet via WLAN.

I'd like to be able to edit songs even when I don't have a WLAN connection available. 

In the Companion app it is possible to open and view a backup of the MobileSheetPro database.
Why not also editing songs this way?  - I would appreciate that very much!
I want to put that on the wishlist for one of the next updates!

Another - smaller - item for the wishlist:
In the "Fields" tab there is one "user definable "Custom Group". In this I store the names of the used accompany style from my Yamaha keyboard. It would be nice if I could rename this "Custom Group" to "Style".
But - as mentioned before - this is a small item. Perhaps it is possible.

Thanks a lot for this great software and for supporting and further developing it!

Best regards

Is this what you want for the custom group? Settings>library settings>custom group name [5th one down].

EDIT: It sounds to me like you want to make setlists in the Companion [which is basically a tool to upload a group of files to MSP on an android device]. If that is true I can't see any advantage since you can do the same thing on the tablet and not have to find a way to load them from the PC to the tablet. You can make and select specific file folders that contain the particular songs you want in a list and have them loaded, when a hot spot becomes available, as a set list already.
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An "Offline Mode" for the companion is something people have asked for in the past (you can probably find the forum post if you want to view the history). At the moment, the design of the companion app does not support this at all. Every action that is taken in the companion is followed by the companion sending over the entire database file to the tablet. The reason this is done is so that I don't have to support sending across every database action that has to occur on the tablet, as that would greatly complicate a number of sections of my code and would increase the risk that the database may be partially modified when a disconnect occurs (which could be avoided if I wrapped everything in transactions). In order to support an offline mode, I would need to basically cache every change that needs to occur in the companion app and then send those changes over to the tablet when it gets connected later. The problem is that many of things in the app require information from the tablet in order to be correctly set up. For example, the MobileSheetsPro storage location must be read off the tablet so that all of the database paths can be correctly set up. Supporting this mode of caching all actions to be processed later is a huge deviation from my current approach, and would require separate branches of code at each point where a message is normally sent to the tablet. At sections where information is normally required from the tablet (such as editing songs where the preview is only available after the file is sent over from the tablet), I would also have to add extra conditions for the offline mode.

Supporting this is certainly something I want to do, but it's going to take a great deal of effort, and I'm not sure the benefit is great enough at this point in time with all of the other high priority work that has to be completed.

Thanks for the answers and info!

(04-08-2016, 05:54 AM)Hello Skip, Wrote: ...
[Is this what you want for the custom group? Settings>library settings>custom group name [5th one down]. ]

YES - this is it! Thanks a lot!

Best regards

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