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MobileSheets.db corrupted
I have to report a critical error.

I left MSP with the setlist editor open and switched to other apps. When I returned to the editor it tried to initialize and reload the database. I guess because of memory problems. But it hung and after half a minute or so I closed MSP.

That seems to be a no go since for the next opening i got a warning that the db has no content and something about the backups. I opened MSP and indeed no content. 

Since I immediately secured the backup files from the data dir and renamed/restored them there was no harm done. But the data loss of course shouldn't happen. Sony Xperia. Z4 on marshmallow.
That's very surprising that you encountered that behavior. I'll have to see if I can reproduce that. I agree that loss of data shouldn't occur... I'm curious what state it was in where force closing MSP caused corruption of the database. There is isn't really anything I can do to prevent this kind of corruption (which really shouldn't happen with SQLite), but if it does occur, an automatic database backup is supposed to be restored which should have been generated the moment you started up MSP. What I'm most curious about is why your automatic database backup wasn't a valid copy of your original database. When I simulate these problems, my code works fine, so I'm not going to be able to easily test this unless I can reproduce the problem.
Yes, well, as I wrote, after the fact I realized the warning was there and the automatic backup was offered, but I chose to open it "normally" to see what was happening. So your precautions seem to have worked.

(And I secured the automated backups manually, copied and renamed them immediately so that the zero db wouldn't overwrite the backups).

I was just reporting the reload loop and the data loss by the close.

If I don't close MSP and turn off the tablet it happens the tablet gets very unresponsive when turned on again. I always thought that's due to high memory comsumption (and also the reason for the mentioned data loss). But today I read that the lagging is some bug in Android that might be fixed in the next updates.


We'll see.

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