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Companion without Wi-Fi
I think that a connection between companion and tablet without a Wi-Fi router is an absolute requirement. When commuting by train, I wanted to use the time to transfer a bunch of songs to the tablet and was surprised that the connection didn't work over the USB cable. I even tried to create a hotspot on my mobile and connecting both laptop and tablet to it, but mobilesheets didn't connect to companion, neither automatically nor manual. All works well with my router at home, but I can think of lots of situations where I don't have a router available - from traveling to latest additions shortly before a gig. So please - at least the bluetooth connection is required urgently.
I'm working on several possibilities for how to handle USB. The easiest would require the tablet to be accessible as removable storage on the PC so that the companion app can just read/write to it like a hard drive. This would also mean the tablet wouldn't have to be in sync mode.

I started looking into bluetooth, but I haven't made much progress in that area yet. I'm going to need to do some work to structure the code so that it can work the same regardless of the communication mechanism. If the USB/removable storage approach works, I think I can implement this the quickest.
USB would be fine.
You might need to configure the location on the tablet filesystem?

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