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Song Title Format with Date_created, Date_modified?
I was searching in the forum and in the manual, but there does not seem to be a way to format the song title with Date_created, Date_modified!?
This would be quite helpful - I am using pdf music file generated from my score program and would like to see if there is an updated pdf when looking at the song list.
Of course this is somehow possible with custom fields - but they have to be populated by hand...

Regards, Harry
In the Songs tab, you can choose to have the scores sorted by date created or date modified (descending)
So new or modified scores will appear at the top of the list.

Maybe this will help . . .
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Thanks, that's right, but this does not show the exact date.
Since the info must already be there (in the database), I was wondering if this could easily be added - if it could be interesting for some more people...
What do you mean when you say it does not show the exact date? I store the date created and date modified timestamps for each song based upon when the song was created, and when the song was last modified. This is separate from the date created/date modified timestamps for each file that song may use (because each song can use more than one file potentially). So there is no simple way to display date created/date modified information per file when it comes to formatting the title. I also do not store the date created timestamp for files in the database, so that information would either have to be added or queried at startup (which could introduce a huge delay, so I would probably cache this information in the database if it was added). If users wanted me to provide a formatting option for date created/modified timestamps for files, I would probably have to use only the information from the first file in the song, and it would be formatted the same way the song timestamps are formatted when using the date created or date modified sorting options (M/d/yyyy HH : mm : ss).
The Songs tab can show the scores sorted by date created or date modified (descending), but it does not show any date at all (that's what I mean with "not the exact date").
I see the difficulty of showing timestamp of files as there could be several.
I think using the timestamp of the song (not of the underlying file(s)) is sufficient for me most of the time.

So my proposal is to add date created / date modified to the possible title formatting options or show it when sorting by date created / date modified.
Does that make more sense?
Now thats strange, when I choose to have songs sorted by date created or modified, the dates are shown between [ ] at the left of the song title. Also the time of creation or modification is displayed.

I cannot remember if there is an option to have them displayed or not. Had a quick look and did not find one . . ,
MSI Cubi 5 mini pc with IIyama prolite 24" touchscreen-Windows 11, HP Slate 17-Android 4.4.4, iPad Pro 12.9 gen2-iPadOs16
Yamaha Genos, Roland PK-6, Yamaha PSR SX900
If you choose to sort by date created/modified, it should always show the timestamp.
Sorry, I was writing from memory, without tablet in front.
I was referring to the "New" Tab which does not show any dates. I never tried to use date sort on songs, but that works pretty good.
Eventually adding the date modified to the "New" tab could be an option...?
When you say "New" tab, do you mean the song editor screen that is shown when you tap "New" on the songs tab, or are you talking about the group editor screen that is shown when you tap "New" while one of the group tabs is visible? It is true that there is no way to sort the library list on the group editor screen currently. I'll have to add an option for that to the action menu at the top.
No, I am talking about the library tab "Neueste" - just looked into the manual, it must be "Recent".
You can easily change MSP's UI language in the settings. It helps a lot to use and understand the correct wording in the forum.
first language: German
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Agreed - I should have done so (and will for the future....)
The recent tab can't be sorted at all as it's the most recently loaded songs and setlists. It's true that date created/modified timestamps can't be shown on that tab. If users would like the ability to change the song title formatting to include the date created/modified, I can look into adding that in a future update.
Okay, added a feature request for a future release.

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