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Bookmark page numbers are wrong if page order is changed
I used bookmarks for the first time today - another great feature!  However, the name is automatically appended with "- Page nn" and this does not change if the Page Order is adjusted, leading to incorrect values.  It's confusing anyway if the page order is anything other than straight through, because page numbers printed in scores no longer correspond to what MobileSheetsPro thinks a page number is.  So, would it be possible to switch this off altogether in the New/Edit Bookmark dialogues please?
I'm a little confused exactly what it is you are asking for. The page number isn't currently displayed in the new/edit bookmark dialog. Only the slider shows what the current page is. Without that, you'd have to no way to change what the current page of a bookmark is while editing. If you just want me to remove the page number from the bookmarks window (or make displaying that optional), I can do that, but I think most of the time that information is valuable (even with a custom page order).
Thanks for the reply. I was indeed suggesting optional removal of the page number from the bookmarks window. Although now you come to mention it, the slider is virtually unusable for large files: I spent ages trying to get exactly the right numbers in a 280 page Messiah score. Adding a text field or up and down buttons would fix that. Perhaps another idea (I know, endless feature requests!) would be a "use current page" button in the bookmark edit dialogue?

The reason why I needed to use the slider to change page numbers, rather than creating new bookmarks from the current page, was due to changing the page order. Initially I had mistakenly suppressed a large block of pages at the beginning of the score from being viewed, which led to the anomaly between the page numbers attached to the bookmarks and the actual page numbers printed in the score. This is what I talked about in my first posting. But today I discovered that those bookmarks which I had made while half the score was suppressed were not just displaying the wrong page numbers, but now also taking me to the wrong page numbers too. For example, if I had suppressed 100 pages and then put a bookmark in at page 10, which was page 110 in the full score, the bookmark was now taking me to page 10 in the full score whereas before it was taking me to page 110 even though I had re-displayed the whole score. This change in behaviour may have been due to me exiting and re-entering the display of that score.

Regardless, there is a problem with mixing bookmarks and page order changes, which in most cases I think could be solved by refusing to let them co-exist in the same score. I don't think many users would need both anyway, unless you are using page order to handle repeats, in which case you can use the excellent links facility in many cases.

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