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MobileSheets 1.6.8 submitted to the store
I submitted version 1.6.8 of MobileSheets to the Microsoft Store but I'm not sure if Microsoft will certify updates over the weekend, so it may not be available until early next week. Here is the full list of changes:
  • Fixed bug that caused multi-line textbox annotations to be cut off incorrectly
  • Fixed issue with annotations being positioned incorrectly if cropping is used and the title bar is shown
  • Fixed issue with annotations not being shown correctly in the editor when turning to different pages
  • Fixed issues with printing scores using cropping and annotations
  • Slightly reduced the font size of the tabs and action bar items
  • Made layout more stable during initialization
  • Fixed issue with goto next/previous or loop pedal settings not working
  • Fixed issue with the swap file feature not naming files correctly when appending unique ids to files
  • Fixed issue with invalid song creation date potentially being used after restoring a backup
  • Fixed issue with left hand alphabet list setting resulting in an incorrect layout
  • Fixed issue with the filter bar sometimes not correctly hiding at startup
  • Fixed issue where changing certain settings wouldn't take effect until application restart
  • Fixed issue where the directories stored in an Android backup wouldn't be restored correctly on Windows
  • Fixed issue that could cause some backups to fail to restore
  • Fixed issue that could cause an out of memory exception while generating a backup file
  • Additional adjustments to make textbox annotations match their size in the Android version
  • Fixed issue with list checkboxes being barely visible when using the dark theme
  • Fixed issue with large amounts of text being cut off when displayed in a message box popup
  • Fixed issue with incorrect song count being shown when editing a setlist
  • Fixed error that allowed zooming in two page mode using the mouse wheel
  • Fixed error that allowed the trial version to have more than eight songs in the library
  • Fixed error with annotations not being positioned correctly in the print dialog if cropping is used
  • F11 now switches between fullscreen mode and windowed mode
  • Escape can now be used to exit the user guide screen
  • Fixed issue where cropping a song in the middle of a setlist didn't work
  • The cropping screen now uses more padding so that screen edge gestures don't get triggered as easily
  • Fixed issue with importing from Google Drive not working
  • Fixed a large number of reported crashes
Mike, it's awesome that you are so quick with these fixes.  Looking forward to getting this working on my surface!
I'm just very determined to make the Windows 10 version a success and ensure everyone is happy with it Smile
Will you keep Android and Win10 in sync? (version number and feature wise)?

Obviously and understanably the launch of W10 has had priority the last few weeks. But since Android is still on 1.6.5 and I noticed at least one feature in W10 (select tool in overflow menu if floating button is switched of) I'm waiting for the Android version, I just wanted to ask.
Yes, the plan is to keep them in sync. I've already made the change for toggling the filters in the Android version, I just haven't pushed out an update yet (as I wanted to get a few more things in before releasing another update).

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