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Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts ?
While thinking about using delete button to actually delete song once selected, what about to enable the most used windows shortcuts, like ctrl + p for printing, ctrl + a for select all, ctrl + left mouse click for selecting files one at the time, shift + left mouse click on first choosen item and on last for selecting all files between those to items, etc.? IMHO this could really improve Win 10 experience for "classic PC users".

Here is a table of keyboard shortcut from Wikipedia, I think a lot of them could be used in MS for improving user experience and for making a lot of tasks easier and faster.


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Good idea!
But for the ones like me that use a convertible laptop, I rely on the screen keyboard when I perform, so it's still unpractical otherwise there would be a set of graphical buttons to acheive the same results (1 button macros for the key combinations)!
I also use convertible one (SP4 with type cover). At home I prefer to use it with keyboard and mouse for adding new songs, their basic setup and annotations, so I can say like classic PC. If I'm on rehearsal or during gig I use it solely as an tablet (so in tablet mode) with Surface pen for last minute annotations. I think MS interface for tablet users is great and it doesn't need any new graphical buttons for this.

IMHO if keyboard shortcuts are added, they should keep their main purpose - to speed up things while using keyboard.

Tablet: Surface Pro 8, 
Other: Strich BT-FP2, USB-MIDI connection to Kurzweil Forte 7
I can work on adding support for common keyboard shortcuts. There is a selection mode for the lists called "Extended" which supports shift clicking, but I'm not sure I like the default behavior because it only selects one item at a time unless control is held. So I might have to implement my own handling of the shift-click.
Yes, this behavior is what I was trying to describe. I've just tried it in Windows Explorer just to be sure how it behaves and you need to hold shift only while selecting last item you want to select. So you select first one, after that you hold shift and select last one and all files are selected.

MS in current versions loads song if you click on it. Don't know how many users use mouse with MS but it might not be a bad idea to add option to change mouse clicks processing, so one click selects song and double-click loads it (as in Windows Explorer). This option could also activate those keyboard shortcuts. So something like "Activate extended mouse and keyboard support" option? And one other thing, if this is going to be implemented, right click on song could behave like it does in Windows Explorer so bringing up context menu (is it right name?) with options you already have in upper right corner - edit, copy, ... , add to collection,...

Tablet: Surface Pro 8, 
Other: Strich BT-FP2, USB-MIDI connection to Kurzweil Forte 7
I think that would be super nice!
Anything to avoid using both hands for me is welcome since I need to grab my instrument and stand up with it in order to get closer to my screen...
That is also the reason I prefer not using a stylus since it's an extra operation AND doesn't work with my 17,3'' screen.
All that keyboard shortcuts needs to be doable with the virtual keyboard thus!
Another good shortcut would be ctrl+F . If filters are shown, it will select search field so you can search immediately, if filters are hidden, it will show them and also select search field so you can search immediately.

Tablet: Surface Pro 8, 
Other: Strich BT-FP2, USB-MIDI connection to Kurzweil Forte 7
I remember some ancient program where you could actually Pan/Zoom without leaving your selected tool... like whenever you would press Control Key your actual selected tool temporarly changes to Grab Tool (or Pan), so you could move around your page with your mouse and get back with let's say your Pencil the second you released Control Key, so you were ready to write again without having to go select anything in menus or palettes with your mouse (or finger)!
I can't remember the key strockes, but you could also press Shift Key to Zoom (Alt/Shift to un-zoom) the same way... or was it with the Space bar?
Anyways, that was awesome and so much time savvy!
I think it was PageMaker... or Illustrator but a very old version.

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