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Allow add suffix during bulk Import
I am in 2 Uke groups (U3A and BUJ). As some songs are duplicated, I use a different collection for each group (you can guess the names!). When importing, I manually edit the file names to add the collection name e.g. "In the Summertime.pdf" is changed to "In the Summertime - U3A.pdf"
This makes the name unique and allows any duplicated songs to be changed without the other group being affected.

What would be nice would be if the Bulk Import option allowed a  suffix ( e.g. " - U3A") to be automatically added to the files as they are imported - this would save a lot of hassle renaming the file on the tablet and/or pc i.e. I'd also like to see this feature in the Companion. For a single song, this hassle is not too bad but is a "pita" when loading several songs.

As well as allowing a fixed text suffix, it might be possible to allow the suffix to take the value from a specified field e.g. collection. I realize that this might be a bit too much work so I would be happy having to use fixed text.

Anyway, just a thought and not the end of the world if it is not feasible or requires too much work.

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I wonder if the long awaited "multiple database" feature would be helpful in this case.
Then you can have separate databases for each of the groups, and never have collisions.
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Many thanks for your reply

I'm new to MSpro so have no knowledge of what has been suggested previously (I just search the improvement  forum topics for "Import" to ensure no-one had previously requested this.

I agree that it sounds as though a multiple database would achieve the same thing - but perhaps an issue in looking at songs across all databases (like Songs does across collections) unless the display also showed the collection name.

As a newcomer, I just thought this method would keep them "separate" - I'm sure more seasoned users have their own methods to achieve something similar. In my case, I typically use companion to import my files and I've knocked up a small Delphi program that allows me to easily add a suffix to a group of files (still a pita but at least I don't have to manually rename each file). However, a friend has just bought a Samsung Galaxy A tablet and doesn't have any other windows pc. This means that she will have to download/rename/import directly on the tablet.

I am very impressed with MSpro

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Wouldn't separating the files in folders for each group also satisfy your needs? Or using one of the many bulk rename tools out there? I use TotalCommander's "Multi-Rename Tool". TotalCommander is a paid program, but multi-renaming tools are also available for free.

I really appreciate the fact that MSP does NOT change song files, neither the names nor the content (except when editing ChordPro files)
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I'm with itsme. I think there's no need for renaming the files with MSP.

Either you import from your collection folder and you choose another way in MSP (like collection, album tags/tabs) to differ between the two groups, maybe use the title formating to show the group in the main title tab.

Or you rename your files on your desktop with some mass renaming tool to have the suffix already in the filename there and import with the option to guess the title from the filename.

I prefer the first alternative. But either way I don't think renaming by MSP is needed.

I'm not sure "separating the files in folders for each group" will satisfy my needs needs - I have an ancient windows pc (my problem I know) that doesn't really understand the android file system and I am therefore letting MS "manage the files"  - I told you I'm a newbie!

I can valid reasons in not knowing that MS will not change the file names but I was suggesting it as optional and not compulsory i.e. a suffix would only be added if the user requested it.


Your suggested method of working implies that the user is "managing the files" themselves so is not suitable for me unless I update my pc. I must admit that, as an ex software developer,  I would prefer to "manage the files" but I suspect this is not a realistic proposition for users who have limited computer skills.


Thank you very much for replying to this thread. I have a working method for myself and am happy to let the matter rest (a future development may make it superfluous anyway).
I also suspect that, as I gain more experience with the program, I will end up reinitializing/reloading my database to take advantage of the features that MS offers.

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Geoff, yes, I indeed presumed "managing the files" yourself as I did from the beginning turning off the feature in the settings. I prefer to have the same folder structure on my devices (phone, tablet, PC, Cloud) to backup and sync easily. Also I rather copy directly from PC to tablet and vice versa directly (and import from the SD card).

I don't think you need advanced knowledge for it. It's just a matter of setting up your device for file handling. And you don't need to upgrade your PC (I think) to understand the Android file system. It's easier to get your tablet to understand the PC file system, connecting to it with some useful apps like ES File Explorer, Solid Explorer or even through cloud services. With a bit of basic networking knowledge (mine is minimal) and/or a little help from here if you don't get it to work you should be able to fill up your tablet (and manage your files yourself) in no time.

Thanks for the extra information.  

I'm still using XP3  (I know, I know) but I does everything I need as I do little programming now and is more than fast enough because it has a SSD disk. I used to manage large VMS and UNIX systems so know my way around filing systems and networks. I chose the "manage my files" option purely to simplify getting used to MS (I know Import is documented in the manual but nothing beats experience - especially poor choices/mistakes)

Thanks for clues about using the tablet to handle the pc files (rather than the other ways around).
And also thanks for the offer of help should I need it.

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