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Backing Up Files
I'm new to this and am learning it slowly.  I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab A.  I'm at the point that I want to back up my files.  I tried doing it to a SD card and figured it out after changing the storage location in settings.  Once I got the songs all there, I tried to click on the song itself and it says the file is empty.  So it looks like I merely backed up a list.
Then, I tried to back up to the tablet itself. I changed the location for storage.  I wanted to try to back up to both the SD card and to the tablet just to see how it works.  Sometimes I see that an msb file that when I click on it, it says: "No applications to perform this action.  

I've changed the location for storage several times and now when I back up it says that it's been done, but when I click on the files on the card, there is nothing there.  
I"m totally confused!
Assuming you have a PC...

Your best bet is to use the companion app (on the PC) and do your backup there.

To me, saving a backup of a device (possibly prone to loss or damage) on the device itself makes little sense.

Saving a backup to a dedicated SD card, and then keeping that card in a safe place does make sense. But it's not always easy to write to an SD card using Android, depending on what version you have.

Saving a copy to the PC is relatively painless, and I can then send a further backup to 'the cloud' via my preferred service.
I could be wrong, it happened once before.

Normally, to back up your library, you would go to Settings->Backup and Restore->Backup Library, which will generate a .msb file. To restore a library, you would have to go to Settings->Backup and Restore->Restore Library from Backup. Tapping on the file outside of MobileSheetsPro will not work.

hi mike, getting this message when i try to back up library ,Data Base not initialised for some reason, exit and try again, tried it a few times, the same, first time this has happened
ignore last message, backed it up using the companion, forgot about that

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