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MSP and MIDI out via iRig pro?
Mike wrote this : I wouldn't recommend associating MobileSheetsPro with the USB DAC like that. MobileSheetsPro is trying to connect to it as a MIDI device over USB, which obviously won't work.

in response to my post: when I connect the iRig I get a message popping up>>>>Open MobileSheetsPro when this USB device is connected ?, then if I press OK, it re-boots the tablet !!?? Alternatively it will  pop up a box saying Use MSP as the default for this device?

I guess this is more directed at Mike, but if others have experience please chime in - I refer to the above statement made by Mike in another thread. However the iRig Pro IS a MIDI interface as well. Not just a DAC. Now, I need MSP to Tx midi messages at the start of a song to setup an external device on a "per song" basis.

If I do  not allow MSP to access the device, will it still automatically send the midi message?
I do think you should allow MSP to access the device. I didn't realize your iRig is also a MIDI interface. I'm not sure why your tablet is rebooting when you press OK... but you will need to let MSP access the device if you want MIDI to work.
Cool, thanks Mike. I'll try that tomorrow. It is all looking rather hopeful that with the iRig as the audio/midi interface it really opens the performance potential Smile The restarting the tablet thing could also have been a thing casued by the small android OS install. Maybe the stock android 5.1.1 will meannthis won't happen either.

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