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newbie - imported files issue
I think I have followed the same procedures each time in loading files.

Copying files from PC to the downlosd file (/storage/emulated/legacl/Download). My problem is that some imports are stored in a folder and others as individual files.

I am looking in thedirectory /storage/emulated/legacy/Android/data/com.zubersoft.mobilesheetspro/ files

Some of the folders in this directory contain mp3 files relating to a different song to the pdf.

Some  mp3 files are stored in this root directory but do not appear in the songs/collection  lists.

I have a large number of pdf files assigned to composer in collections and a lesser number of mp3 files.

? Why are some files stored in folders in the above root directory (folder name same as file name)  and others in a file in the root directory.

? why are some mp3 files in the root directory but not assigned to collections nor appearing in  songs

(currently I have 697 songs in 42 collections plus 3 mysterious albums that I didn't intend to create).

I think I may have to move some files about by hand.
It sounds like you may have changed some settings over time as you imported new files. Perhaps at one point you turned off "Create subdirectory per song" and so the audio files were no longer placed inside folders. Are those mp3 files that are not assigned to any songs ones that were assigned to songs that you've deleted? Did you enable the "automatically import matching audio" option in the settings by chance?
Cold well be, I may have been dazzled by the number of options. I will have a look at my choices when I wake up fully!

Thanks for that quick and useful reply.

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