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alphabet list (jump to letter)
First again,

great work with this feature, Mike. Another thing I was going to suggest but you already provided it in MSP. But if you didn't read in the manual or know it otherwise it isn't that obvious.

So if there are folks who - like me - weren't aware of it: The "jump to letter sidebar" not only works with tapping, but with a long press it let's you select and jump to the next letters. That's terrific for big collections and saves much scrolling.

There's a tiny bug though in my case (Android 7, Xperia Z4, MSP 1.8.5): After I used the long press the first time now there appeared two additional entries after the L in the sidebar. The first one is the hyphen and the second one ist LE (but the E under the L, so it's a single "button" to jump to "LE" which it does).
I'm a little confused about one thing - when you say that two additional entries appeared in the sidebar, do you mean that after the long press, new letters showed up in the standard alphabet list on the side? That's definitely a surprise to me as the long press shouldn't have any impact at all on that list. Or are you saying the popup list of letters after the long press contained the hyphen and LE?

That's a really good idea. Maybe the L and E are the 2d letters in the titles you were look at. I long pressed on a letter on the right and it brought up a list of more letters, which turns out to be the 2nd letter in the names in the library.  A long press on a letter that popped up turned out to be the 3rd letter in the names in the main library. So, long press on S takes you to the S's in the main library with a popup of more letters, a long press on one of them [P, for example] will give  moves you to SP, another long press on the popup [O] gives the 3rd letter for a total of SPO. I was looking up SPOTTED PONY, which is pretty far down in the list.
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No, what I meant is that after using the long press for the 1st time I now have the hyphen additionally and permanently in the sidebar. I'll send you a screenshot.
No idea yet, Mike?

The amount of weird characters increases. And it's not normal alphanumeric only, either.

Additionally to the reported ones now appeared (and stayed) a square with an X in it after the T, a TI directly after that and another weird character after the Z (looks like a P with the top moved to the middle).

Not critical yet, but if more appear it'll be annoying for using the sidebar.
I've been on vacation with my family this week, so I haven't had time to look into the issue yet. I'm returning home today so I should be able to look into it very soon and get back to you.

Enjoy your vacay. No need to hurry.

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