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Keep Screen On enhancement

I currently have "Keep Screen On" set to "While Viewing Scores".

Recently, I forgot to exit a pdf when I left the tablet and the battery was extremely low when I returned much later.

Any chance of another option along the lines of "While Viewing Scores ( 1 hour maximum)". This would cater for most occasions when someone has walked away from a tablet without exiting a score.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A6
The problem is, how do you ensure that the screen stays on after one hour of use if someone has a long performance? I don't want to constantly have to reset a timer when there is user interaction, and check when there is no user interaction for an hour. I certainly wouldn't want someone's screen to go to sleep in the middle of a performance because it's been an hour since they started the app. If you want a separate setting that says something like, "Maximum Screen On Time", and allow input of a few options like, "30 minutes", "1 hour", "2 hours", and "indefinite", I can look into that.
Thanks for the reply.

I was assuming you could just set the timer based on when the user entered a new pdf/score and cancel it when they left it i.e. this would be a maximum time displaying an individual score rather than since the app started. Using this approach would mean you didn't need to monitor each user interaction, just those that transitioned between scores.

Adjustable Maximum On Time would be nice  but obviously requires more work to implement.

This has only happened to me once so, as far as I am concerned, it is low priority. It could however be more useful to others should they forget to exit just before a performance.

EDIT: Just realized that this may not be sufficient - it would work fine for all my pdfs as they are single page - may not work for those that have multiple pages in a single large pdf that they traverse without going back to the menus (but they could perhaps choose a duration longer than their performance or just use the current "always on" mechanism)

Samsung Galaxy Tab A6
I doubt if this will be worth the effort.
Any time interval will occasionally be too short or too long.
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