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Stamp Request
Would it be possible to add a stamp that we wind players would find useful - a breath mark? Either a downward-pointing carat or an apostrophe would work. I'm currently writing them in freehand, but a stamp would be SO much cleaner and easier. Or is there a way I can add one myself?
I've been doing mine by text (a V or apostrophe), but I second this idea (along with string bowings). I think the new update is going to have improved stamps, if I recall correctly.
The next update may not include the stamp rework, as that is going to be a fairly big change. The update after the next will probably add that.

Once the stamp rework is in place, I will make sure there is a breath mark, and I will also support users adding their own stamp image files.
I wonder if you could set up an online data base so users could share stamps. [Is it sort of like fonts?]
Well I'm going to be using fonts for stamps after the rework, so I could definitely consider allowing custom user fonts. I was planning on also supporting image files, but image files don't really scale well.
I agree : I need custom staps too, especially the breathe stamp
Is there an updated ETA on the Custom Stamp feature? I know from this and other posts that you are diligently working on a whole new way to implement stamps and annotations as a whole. I support a group of 25 ukulele players who are utilizing Mobile Sheets Pro on a variety of Android devices to view our song sheets. Your application, with it's ability to annotate on the fly has really been extremely useful, however, the one thing on our wish list is the ability to toss in a four string fret board stamp so we can visually cue ourselves to some of the more challenging chords.

Thank you so much for such as wonderful product!
I've been jumping between tasks a lot lately. I've been trying to push really hard to get the Windows 10 version done. My plan is to finish that and then tackle the annotations rework. Sorry it's been such a long wait for that feature! Hopefully at some point I'll be able to work full time on MobileSheetsPro so I can implement these things quicker.
If possible I think a treble (and a base) clef stamp would be very useful. And also it would be great if the range of the size of stamps (specially the piano clef stamp) will be larger.

Thank you,

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