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License check fails for > 1 day
The error message:
40 Hours Remaining. Your license is still not verified. You have 40 hours left before you will not be able to load MobileSheets. Please obtain a wifi connection and reload MobileSheets to pass the license check.

WiFi is working just fine, and I can sync songs between MobileSheets and the Companion.

This is a Hannspree 13.3" tablet that I have been using with MobileSheets for > 1 year. Out of the blue, 2 days ago Android started issuing a "Play Store Updater" error every minute, making it completely useless. Googling the error showed that the only cure was a factory reset. Afterwards, the Play Store app was gone (as was the recurring error). Redo the factory reset; still no Play Store App. (There is a Pre Play Store app, which does nothing when tapped.)

Since the factory reset I have done:
  • Attempt to get the Play Store App from play.google.com but the website no longer supports this version of the Android browser.
  • Install Chrome, attempt to get the Play Store App from play.google.com. Failed -- they don't seem to have it.
  • Observed that this tablet is no longer listed in "Devices" at play.google.com; without the Play Store app I have no way to add it.
  • Google found various versions of the Play Store .apk which I can download and side-load via a USB stick.
  • Side-load the latest version of the Play Store app. When tapped it does nothing. Remove it .
  • Side-load the version of the Play Store app that is running on my other, identical tablet. When tapped it does nothing.
  • Observed there is no "Google" option in Settings/AddAccounts. I logged into my gmail account, but that is not the same.
  • Side-load MobileSheets. It seems to run just fine, except for the license.
  • Sync >200 songs from my laptop, via WiFi.
  • Play for several hours using this tablet, dozens of songs, using a Bili Pro USB pedal.
Is there any way I can salvage this tablet to use MobileSheets? I have no need to run anything else on it. I suspect the license problem is related to the Play Store App not working -- I have never logged into it from this tablet.

Fortunately my other, identical tablet still works just fine. As I am now dependent on MobileSheets, I will be purchasing another tablet....

<RANT>The Play Store has 'way too much MAGIC going on. And FIE on developers who think their stuff is more important than the user, and pop messages EVERY MINUTE when their magic doesn't work. </RANT>
Please email me at mike@zubersoft.com. I'll help you bypass the license check on that device. Are you seeing messages every minute in other apps? MobileSheetsPro should ever show you anything except that initial warning...


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