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Batch import from images & "Guess Title From Filename"
Is there a recommended file naming convention for image files such that the title can be correctly guessed? There may be multiple image files per song. I tried naming files prepended by page number, e.g.

024 My Tribute.png
025 My Tribute.png
026 My Tribute.png

This mostly works. MobileSheets Pro correctly imports all three files into a single song. But it doesn't strip the number from the title, so the title ends up "024 My Tribute" instead of "My Tribute" and I then have to manually edit the title of every song. I have tried with trailing numbers, numbers in parentheses, etc. but found no scheme that works correctly.

Another problem with prepending page numbers is that two songs on the same page can split up a single song. For example, with these files (sorted by name):

024 My Tribute.png
025 My Tribute.png
026 Another Song.png
026 My Tribute.png

I will get three songs: "024 My Tribute" (containing pages 24 and 25), "026 Another Song", and "026 My Tribute".

I am willing to use any naming convention as I scan pages that will get MobileSheets Pro to import them correctly when I am done scanning. Thanks.
If you name them:

My Tribute024.png
My Tribute025.png
My Tribute026.png

I believe it should work.

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