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Backup librariy not working
Hi, I'm trying to backup my tablet's library (4189 songs) as usual, I'm having problems this time.

If I go to Settings > Backup and Restore > Backup Library, I can't choose any backup destination; if I click on the folder icon, the program just doesn't make anything. 

I've tried to use the backup function from the phone (300 songs), and it's working properly. 

Backup has always worked properly in both devices and I'm using version 2.0.2 (tablet & phone)

Any idea?

Did you download the latest update (v2.0.2)? Tapping the folder icon now presents a dropdown menu with three choices (local file, dropbox or google drive). Tapping one of those choices should let you select a destination. Are you not seeing the dropdown menu?

Yes, I'm using v 2.0.2. in both devices. Tapping the folder icon presents the menu only when using the phone, but NOT using the tablet.

Thanks for your answer!

I need a little bit more information. First, does the problem happen in both portrait and landscape orientation? What kind of tablet are you using and what Android OS version is it running? Also, if you tap the three dots at the top right of the library screen (the overflow menu), does that dropdown work?

Change of plans - I'm going to change the implementation to no longer use a dropdown menu and instead pop up a dialog with choices. That should eliminate the problem. I'll release another update shortly.

Answering toy your questions,:
1. The problem happens in both portrait and landscape orientation.
2. I'm using a Samsung Galaxy Tab A (10''), running Android 7.0
3. Tapping the the doors at the top of the library screen opens the drop-down without problems.

Nice to hear that the problem will be fixed in a future update and thanks again for such an useful app for musicians, well thought-out and well implemented.
The update has been submitted, so once you are able to get it, you should no longer encounter this problem.

Yes the new version solved the problem. Great!

By the way, is there any limit (size / number of songs) for the library?

There is no limit. The only limit is the amount of disk space you have.  You will find that if you have a lot of songs, say over 10000, the app will take a little longer to initialize, but then it will operate at it's normal speed after that. That initialization time is due to the app reading out and caching all of the data for the songs and groups.


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