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Text file editor not saving (SD card) solved!

I would like to start using the text editor in MS, but it is not saving my changes.

Could the fact that it's the SD Card that is being saved to, be part of the problem?
Other programs also seem to have a problem saving elsewhere than a specific folder on the SD card.

Also, MS is setup not to manage files, could this be part of the problem?

Hello Dan,

I'll look into this. I may not be handling saving to a removable SD card correctly in the text editor.


I looked into this some more, and it looks like, due to the way Google set up the API for writing to SD cards, if you want to be able to save out to files on the removable SD card, they need to be in the MobileSheetsPro storage location (which would be set to a folder on the removable SD card).  Otherwise, I would have to prompt for you to pick the output destination folder and file and request SD card access every time you went to save out the file. I don't have permission to write to the SD card otherwise. I get around this with the storage location because Google lets you persist access to a location that the user has already selected. In theory, if it's important for people to be able to manage their own files/folders on a removable SD card, I can add try to add code that requires you to pick the file, pick the SD card, and then persists access to that file, but it still would be fairly tedious, and I don't know what ramifications there are to persisting access to lots of files/folders. 


That is along the lines of what I believed, so at least nothing is "broken" or I am not doing anything wrong.

I just changed the default location of the MS storage folder to my "MS Folder directory" on my SD card and it worked.
So even though I am not using the "Let MS manage my files" option, by setting the directory to where I store my files, I can now save to the SD card.

Thanks for your help once more, Mike.


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