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Hey guys... Ben here... LONG TIME MSP user. 
Here's a couple of features I'd like to see happen.  Also, I made a video in case you don't want to read through all this (at the end).  Thanks!

Pens:  There needs to be more than just 2 pens (1 pencil and 1 highlighter/marker).  Why?  Sometimes I like to use the pencil like a pencil, and I scribble on the page.  Sometimes I like to use it like an eraser.  The pencil, in rectangle mode with white fill, can be used to draw a white rectangle to “erase” measures or staff lines or anything.  Then I can annotate over that white spot I created.  If I put the pencil (or the highlighter) in that “rectangle mode with white fill” I can’t use the pencil anymore without many button changes and presses. Do you get what I mean?  Another option would be to make the eraser act like an eraser OR have it switch to “white rectangle with white fill mode” (or any other color you might want).  

Stamps:  Please, please, please oh please make some up and down arrows!  I know you can use the text tool to insert arrow characters.  Imagine my frustration when I encounter a very complicated salsa band chart.  I need to mark where the downbeats are a bunch of times!  It would be so sweet if I could just choose a down arrow and stamp away.

I need 3 pens
  1. Pencil
  2. White rectangle (or any shape) maker with white fill (or any color)
  3. Highlighter/Marker
  1. Need up and down arrow stamps!!
All of that should be addressed with the annotations rework that is planned. I'm going to start working on it as soon as I finish the library synchronization features (which are behind schedule due to bugs and minor feature requests from users).


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