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Song title format - add date
is there a way to add a date to the song title format, eventually via custom field?
I would like to have the date when a file was added to the database or the creation/modification date of the underlying file.

I know that I can sort by date, but that is not what I need.
I have several different sheets for one song and would like to select them by date (f.e. newest).
I sort by date view mode, I do not see the different sheets for one song close together.

Adding the date manually in the custom field when adding a file is possible, but not really nice.

Any ideas?


You can't currently add that information to the song title format, but I can add additional options. I can support displaying the song creation date, the song last modified date, or the last modified date of all files in the song (as saved in the database, not the actual file on the device itself, as that would be too slow).  Which information do you care about most?

Hi Mike,
that sounds good.
I have mostly only one pdf file per song, sometimes an additional mp3 file.
The song creation date would be the date the song itself was created/added  in the database, no matter when additional files were added, right?
And the last modified date of all files in the song would be also the date of the last database change or the real pdf file date?

I think I would like to see the pdf file last modified date. If this is not possible, the song creation date seems to be the best.

Best regards and thank you for your work,
Hi Mike,

is this feature on your list?
If so: When do you plan to implement it?

I should be able to slip it into the next update. I'll add options to display song creation date, song last modified date and last modified date of all files in the song.
Great, thanks!
It took me a while, but now I updated to the new version.
The date feature is great, thanks a lot!

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