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Every filename starts with "Storage" (PARTLY-UNSOLVED)
Thanks to Mike's instructions, I was able to import audio files to be listed by filename. However, each title includes the directories. Thus, each song is alphabetically sorted as starting with "S" for Storage. Did I miss a step? I don't think I did anything to customize the listing. I only set it to list by filename. Thanks for any help!

PARTLY SOLVED: Somebody else might want to know this. When you are in Settings, Library Settings, and Song Title Formatting, tap the field, close the keyboard so you can see better, the dialog box shows TITLE as a choice, but not filename. Tap the three dots to the lower right, and you get more options. Select AUDIO_NAMES. Good thing to put in the manual, because I'm pretty sure the instructions only tell you to use the filename when importing and this is not mentioned. This works for all files viewed on the tablet.

HOWEVER: A ton of the songs, when viewed through the Companion/Desktop app still have this filename problem. Any ideas?

(This was edited after the initial response because I found the problem with the listings in the Companion view.)
It looks like a bug - I'll work on getting it fixed for the next update. As a side note, this only occurs when your audio files don't contain a title in their metadata. 


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