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Gradient idea, in your "spare time"
I'm just adopting MS, and currently use the table feature in Word. One feature I'll miss, is what I call the "gradient." I have a few adjectives such as "softness" and "dance." Those columns have a number (1-9). I can sort on one or more of those columns and create an instant set list. So, if the restaurant customers are quiet and deep in romantic conversation, I can start with the softest and keep playing the tunes in order, gradually getting into the less soft material. Conveniently, if I have multiple tracks of a song, the softest version will come up first. 

I wonder if this feature would be popular, once folks were educated as to it's use. A nice thing about it is that, if you rate the tune as soon as you add it, you instantly have the ability to create lists that reflect these gradients. But if you just have a set list or keyword "soft" it will not reflect **how** soft it is. So, to get something similar, you'd have to have a category for "somewhat soft" etc.

Like many small-time musicians, I kind of function like a DJ, picking tunes based on the mood of the scene, so this gradient feature has been handy. One thing a DJ does is to shift the mood. Sometimes this is done gradually. The gradient feature takes care of that. 

I can't imagine the time demands of maintenance and continued development of this program, but I'm throwing this idea out there. Maybe folks can chime in as to whether this would be useful for them.

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