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Sorting of setlist view (or other views)
My naming scheme for setlists is e.g. 2018-10-03 special gig

Like this the most recent setlist wanders further and further down the list. Is it possible to have sorting choosable like e.g. ascending or descending so that in my case I would have the most recent setlist always on top. Other sorting mechanisms might also have their use case but at least the above mentioned would be very helpful and should not be so hard to implement... 

This affects different parts of the app - most notably the import window where you choose in which setlist to add a song and the main setlist view.

On a side note - it would be helpful to be able to import a song also e.g. in the setlist view... Is that possible? ATM I need to quit that view, enter the song view and only there can I import a new song...
No comment? No other user that is bugged by this? As the list of sets grows larger by the month I have to scroll down ever further. Especially in some menues like when I am importing and choosing in which setlist the imported song should reside the on-screen-keyboard even covers part of the list. So first I have to scroll down the whole list of sets and then dismiss the keyboard to make the selection. If the lists could be sorted ascending and descending for each selected criteria this would be no issue anymore (if sorting is to be remembered)...

I know Mike has lots of other issues/whishes on the table and I don't expect a comment on each wish. The sorting seems not like a big programming effort. Perhaps it is doable?

Thanks for this invaluable app - it is really great already as is and I like the upcoming features a lot
I tried sorting them in reverse order but I have a lot (mainly historic) so that really didn't help much.

The approach I use now is as follows:

1) I name my setlists in the form "<gig> yyyy-mm-dd"  e.g. "Happy Circle 2019-04-30"

1) When I create a new set list, I put a space character at the beginning of the name - this moves it to the top of the set lists screen.

2) After the "gig" has been played, I remove the leading space and let the historic entries sort alphabetically under their own letter.

This keeps the latest lists easily accessible while still maintaining all the old lists (which in practice, I  seldom look at again).

I hope this  helps

Samsung Galaxy Tab A6
It has been quite a while and I might very well have been overlooking the new possibilities:

When editing a song and thereby adding them to a setlist I see no option to sort the corresponding dropdown menu. As the list of setlists grows larger by the week it is very tedious to scroll right down to the End where my recent playlists reside (naming scheme e.g. "2023-03-27 Gig"). At least a tikbox "recently used" that would put newer items in the dropdown menu to the top would come in very handy. Is there some possibility to make those long dropdown lists more accessible? Thanks a lot...
Just stick one or more spaces at the start of the setlist name - this moves it to the top of the screen

When you no longer need the setlist at the top, just rename it without the spaces.

I put the name of the Gg before the date; this means that this gig's list are adjcent to each other.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A6

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