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Annotation Simple View
Hello Mike and community,

I've been happily using MobileSheets for 6 years with my string quartet, hundreds of performances, it's so great.  I use it on Android and Windows 10.  Thanks so much.

Pardon if this request/idea has been covered elsewhere; I looked through the manual and the forums but not with a fine-toothed comb.

I often enter many stylus annotations at once in a very short amount of time, having to move the pop-up boxes around the screen to do so.  Is there a way to save the previous line style and not have those boxes pop up? I.e., just the page and the bars visible, annotate, and save?

Those boxes don't take up too much screen real estate, but for example in a reading with a composer, there's a lot of information that comes really fast, and I'm always a little slower than my ForScore colleagues Smile


Good point, I also need a faster way to come in and out of annotation mode... just found the 3 fingers trick to ''save & exit'' from EDIT MODE that is really nice, also using a second pedal for entering EDIT mode and SETLIST view... but there could be more shortcuts, or an integrated mode instead of having to enter/exit... the goal being to be as fast as Forescore or hard copy/pencil users!
The previous line style and all setting selections should automatically be saved between sessions. You can disable the boxes by tapping the circle at the top left of the annotations editor and then deselecting "Show Pen Settings", "Show Highlight Settings" and "Show Stamp Settings".

The annotations rework that I've mentioned in various places on the forum is going to collapse everything to the main display. A radial menu will provide quick access to switch between favorite tool settings and make other adjustments as necessary. The goal with the rework is to make everything faster and easier to access, and to also expand the functionality significantly in some areas. I know it's taking a long time to get this rework finished, but I have very limited bandwidth and my time is consumed by fixing bugs, addressing the large number of feature requests, customer support and then trying to release other promised features in the timeline I've committed to. Right now I'm trying to add features for the Connect Devices option and MIDI enhancements (bluetooth support and fixes to run on Chrome OS), and then I'll be able to start on the annotations rework. Thanks for your patience while I get this stuff done.

Mike you are doing just great, it is a tremendous amount of work that takes a lot of time, and i think you are the best... i have total confidence in your commitment!
(12-07-2018, 03:43 PM)Zuberman Wrote: You can disable the boxes by tapping the circle at the top left of the annotations editor and then deselecting "Show Pen Settings", "Show Highlight Settings" and "Show Stamp Settings".

This is only a temporary suggestion before you have to rework the whole EDIT MODE concept, but wouldn't it be easier just having to long press a tool icon to bring up its settings instead of having to scroll down another menu each time we need to change something?
If that would be useful for people, I can certainly do that. I just don't want to tackle any big changes to the current annotations editor as I'm throwing most of it away with the rework.


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