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Changing Page Turn Mode
Can someone please explain the procedure for changing the Page Turn Mode (Win 10 version). When I click the square box I'm presented with the three options but I can't select them as I would expect. The selection process seems to involve some obscure combination of the space bar and cursor down keys  but I can't figure out the correct sequence of key presses to make the required selection. Thanks.

The process is normally to tap the display mode icon at the bottom of the song overlay (to the left of the page scaling icon), then tap on the dropdown on the display mode dialog and select a new value from the dropdown. It's a standard ComboBox control, just like all the others in the application, so I'm not sure why you would run into any issues changing its value.

This must be caused by an obscure issue with my laptop. When the drop-down box appears the system freezes. The mouse has no effect anywhere on the screen and none of the keys function apart from cursor down and the space bar, either of which close the drop-down and sets a random result. This isn't a big problem and everything else works fine. I'm delighted with the software overall.

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