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PDF scores management
Hi, I play in 3 orchestras plus chamber music plus ...
Right now my scores are nicely sorted in folders like that :
1. Orchestra
1.1 Year
1.1.1 PDF score

If all my score end up in a single folder I'll be very dependent on MobileSheets to find my way around them.
I did not find in the software or in the manual a way of creating subfolders.
Would that be possible ?

With the current design, it is not possible to have folders, as file systems allow infinite depth, and I did not want the complexity or overhead with trying to support that in the database.  The UI would also need to operate differently in order to support multiple levels of depth. I have considered in the future adding support for a new custom tab where users could organize their songs using a file system like approach with folders. Having said that, in normal practice, it's usually not necessary to have multiple levels of depth to organize the library and find things quickly. For example, you have multiple orchestras, so you could either allocate all of the songs for each orchestra into their own collection (and then filter on collection using the dropdown on the far left side of the filters bar), or you could use the "Switch Library" option under Settings->Library Settings to have an entirely different database for each orchestra. You could then utilize the Years tab (Settings->Library Settings->Tab Order to enable the Years tab) to quickly find all of the songs for a given year under the currently selected orchestra. You could also just type the year to search for into the search box, and it should also correctly filter based on that. 

@anuzzo: you should know and understand that the folder / subfolder / file structure in the file system and the MSP database structure with songs, collections and other metadata are independent.
Just set the MobileSheets Storage Location to the top level folder of your folder structure (or copy your folder structure into your MSP Storage Location folder) and set “Let MobileSheets Manage My Files” to OFF.
Then you can keep your existing folder structure to navigate through your files and use collections, metadata and filters as proposed by Zuberman to navigate through your library within MSP. "Year" is available as a metadata field, orchestras can be stored in collections and if you need further refinements use one of the user specific fields.
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@Mike I think what this user wants is to have more control over the Export feature.  Everyone appreciates having a full metadata-driven library within MobileSheets, but as soon as you need to share with the outside world, you're limited to producing a flat folder of PDFs.  It would be nice to specify a custom output file path, using exactly the same syntax as the Song Title Formatting feature, but with "/" or "\" recognized as folder separators.
I'm in different orchesters too.
To seperate the songs, i use a collection for each orchester.
Before we start playing i just pick the right collection and i get a filtered list of songs for this special orchester.
For concerts i create a setlist.
That's simple and works without any problems.
No subfolders needed.

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