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ChordPro: show other part's title

I'd find it super helpful if the configuration would allow to show the title from other parts too (Verse, Bridge, and so on), not only the Chorus. 

If you are using the {soc} and {eoc} markers, you can also provide a title to use, i.e. {soc: Verse}. If you do that, it will indent and provide a bolded heading. It might cause issues with repeating the chorus if you do that, but that's one way of handling it. Otherwise verses and bridges aren't handled like the chorus section. There isn't a "start of verse" or "start of bridge" designation. Are you just wanting the ability to provide a bolded heading yourself for that section? Or do you also care about indenting the text? 

Thanks, Mike! I was using {sop:Verse}, {sop:Bridge}, and so on in a former software. I don't need an indent on the part but a bold headline would be great. Right now I'm using a workaround with an additional {c:Verse} to show a heading because it helps me to see the structure of the song.
Looking at the chord pro specification (https://www.chordpro.org/chordpro/ChordP...tives.html), there is no sop keyword in the standard spec. Applications such as Chordle (https://www.chordle.com/help10/chordproformat) and OnSong (https://onsongapp.com/docs/features/formats/chordpro/) have added support for that directive, but it's definitely not standard. If users would like me to also add support for that, I can, but it may not be compatible with other apps if they move their file to another app.



Adding support for {sop: name} or {start_of_part: name} is not difficult, so I went ahead and did that. All it effectively does it bold the text in the "name" part of the directive.
The specification defines {start_of_verse} {end_of_verse} (no abbreviations).

The reference implementation supports {start_of_whatever} as long there is a matching {end_of_whatever}, and you can define distict markup for the labels (if any).
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