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Problems importing files
Hello everyone,
I'm having this kind of problem.
My scenario is: I have two tablets.
Tablet 1 is the main that I use one stage, and I use this to write notes on my sheets. 
Tablet 2 is a backup copy of everything on tablet 1 plus texts of the singers. 
On my tablets sheets and texts are organised in collections. 
My goal is to upgrade my sheets on tablet 2. I can't use a .msb file, in this case I will delete texts. So I tried to import  a .msf file on tablet 2. In collection on tablet 1 I selected all sheets and then export as .msf file.  but when I import this file on tablet 2 the process stops after few songs. It says process complete successful, but it isn't. 
Any advice? What's the best way to do what I'm trying to do? 
Thanks for reply.

Hello Max,

Can you send that .msf file to mike@zubersoft.com? I'd like to test with it to determine why you weren't able to import all of the songs using that approach.

My recommendation is to use the library synchronization feature. Tap the three dots at the top right corner of the library screen and then Sync Library->Sync to another device. Consult the manual at www.zubersoft.com/mobilesheets/manual.html for additional details on that. You'll just need to set up one device as the server, the other as the client, and you can choose what data to merge between the two. So you can not merge annotations, for example, to preserve those. You can also set the merge behavior to "Prompt user for decision" so that you have complete control over what songs are merged and which ones are skipped. There are no filtering options at the moment but I will add those when I have time.

I tried with a different device and .msf is  working.
I think the problem is about naming files. If I change the name of the sheet in the database and I leave both of them in the database the system crash when I import the .msf file.


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