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a few problems and questions about connected tablets
Hello everybody!

We use 5 tablets with MSP in the band. They are all connected via Wifi and I am the master who connected others as a slave.
Now it's like we want to jump within the setlist and my colleagues get the right text. This works so far, but it is not possible that I just continue to scroll directly to the next title that this title is displayed at all. Everyone has to keep scrolling on their own. Is there a function for this?

(However, it is the case that everyone has their own pdfs, so in some cases more pages, then it will not work anyway. Is this possibly together with this function?)

Next question: How exactly are the sheets addressed? My last problem was that I forgot a title in my own setlist. As a result, all others had a different text, because apparently the order of the setlist is used. Is there another function here, which refers to the title itself and not to a specific setlist?

Many thanks for your help!
Hello Alex,

When you set up the connection between the tablets, one of the option is to synchronize song changes between tablets. You can enable this so that if you change the song displayed on your device, it will trigger that song to load on the other devices. Individual page turns can be disabled though if each user has a different file associated with their song. If you need automatic scrolling, this can be triggered on all connected devices as well, but you'd want to make sure compatible scroll settings are used on each device (typically best handled through the vertical scrolling display mode). 

I'm not sure exactly how to answer your second question. Songs and setlists are matched on title by default. Each slave device can go to the connection tablets dialog, tap Settings and control how songs are matched. You can use something like Song ID if it's important for songs to be matched that don't have identical titles. If other users have different setlists than you, that could be a problem. That's why one of the options is to send a copy of your setlist to the other users tablets. This will only work well if those users have matching songs (either by title, song ID, custom, etc). 

Hello Mike,

thanks for your reply, but it doesn't work that the other tablets jump to the next song. I tried it with 4 tablets. I always have to switch back to the playlist and have to select a song, then it works triggers the other tablets. "Synchronize song changes between tablets" is activated. I have no idea what the problem is! Perhaps you? Thx

To my 2nd question:
We will try it with the song-ID. Thx
Are you loading a setlist or an individual song? It only works if you are using setlists so that each device has the entire setlist loaded. Then if the master changes a song in the setlist, the other devices should also change to that song. If that is not working for you, let me know.


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