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Stylus mode problem
While I am using the Annotation Tool.  The Stylus mode gets set although I havent set it. When I check the side panel its say its set. i cant type anything.
I have to hit save and start over. This is happening every time..
I'm a little confused. Are you saying every time you enter the annotations editor, stylus mode is being set unexpectedly without you going into the dropdown menu at the top left? If you tap the circle at the top left and disable it, it will automatically set itself later? I definitely don't know how to reproduce that problem if so, as stylus mode stays off if I set it off. Is anyone else experiencing any issues like these?

One thing you can try is going to C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Local\Packages\41730Zubersoft.MobileSheets_ys1c8ct2g6ypr\LocalState and either rename or delete annotation_settings.xml. This should completely clear out the settings so that the next time you go into the annotations editor, they will be set to the default values. I'm curious if you will encounter the same problem after doing that.

As a new user, it would be nice to have Tooltips.
It also takes a lot of taps to write and save annotations (in my case, fingerings being a violinist). No doubt I'll get faster.
I've also noticed that settings (like colour of highlighter) don't always stick - this is likely a Windows issue - needs second or third attempt but got there in the end and now have my preferred settings.
I use a Microsoft Surface Pro so annotations working in a similar way to Drawboard would be great. Just having 2 small icons in the corner (for pencil and highlighter) always present would be a time-saver. Using eraser on the Surface pen would also be useful. Save on exit or autosave every 10 minutes without prompting would be ideal.
AutoSave on page turn pops up a dialog confirming save (NO button is default) which makes the idea of autosave pointless as still needs a tap.
That said, I'm using a PageFlip Firefly and it's all very nice on Day 1. Half page turns in landscape mode is particularly useful for me. I see myself using it in performances.
Adding tooltips for the Windows 10 version is definitely on my list of things to do. As part of this, I may add descriptions when icons are long pressed on Android as well.

The annotations rework that is underway should address a lot (if not all) of your concerns with the annotations functionality.  

(07-06-2019, 12:31 PM)Zubersoft Wrote: I'm a little confused. Are you saying every time you enter the annotations editor, stylus mode is being set unexpectedly without you going into the dropdown menu at the top left?

This is happening to me also, although I've been able to just ignore it--I don't even know what it is!  I guess I haven't tried to use the keyboard those times.

Okay, a test.  It turns on when I use the scrolling tool, and then doesn't seem to turn off afterwards....

It does seem to turn off when I use the text tool though, so it doesn't seem to be a problem for me.
The stylus mode active message does seem to pop up while the panning tool is active. It goes away after using a different tool. I will get this fixed. It doesn't appear as those stylus mode is really active though. I can still draw just fine even with that message displayed. So it's obviously just a bug with the display of that message and not with stylus mode being inadvertently turned on. Let me know if you are experiencing a different behavior.


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