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Link Point visibility
I recently starting earnestly using MSPro and it looks like an example of masterful application design and execution. This is my first post. It seems difficult to check around all the forum threads to see if there might already be one that a new issue or request should logically be appended to. Anyway...

Using an E-ink tablet (Max2 Pro), link point colors are not really distinguishable as different shades of grey. While focusing on reading through a score with (D.S./D.C.) repeats, it may not be instantly obvious whether the link point showing is actually the next one to trigger. For example, I have a link point from 3 to 1, then from 2 to 5, and a foot pedal set to“Activate Next Link or Go to Next Page”. When I first arrive at page 2 and see the second (from) link point in the middle of the page, I might mistakenly hit the pedal thinking I need to jump. Now I'm at page 3, having bypassed instead of playing the bottom half of page 2.
Or I might mistakenly skip past a link point thinking it's not the next one I should trigger.

Would it be feasible to display only the next "from" link point to be triggered, then at activation its "to" link point, then only the next "from" link point, etc? MSP is honoring links and turning pages correctly, but when I'm fixating on notes, seeing multiple valid link point pairs, even if I use different size circles, might cause some confusion.

Otherwise, perhaps the next link point could be darkened, numbered, or highlighted in some way to
differentiate it from other links, particularly considering grey scale e-ink screens.
At the moment, there really isn't a concept of next/previous link point except when triggering them with a pedal press. Extending this notion to activating the link points in general will require a new mode. I would need to add a checkbox to the link points window that says, "Only show and trigger next link point", and then limit the link points to only show in the order they are listed and activate. Having said that, there are a few ways you could solve this problem without that kind of a setting:

1) Use a pedal to turn your pages. If you use the "Activate Next Link Point or Turn Page" pedal action, then it will trigger them in order and you don't need to worry about remembering the order.
2) Use the page order feature to repeat pages instead of using link points. Then you never have to worry about triggering link points - you can just change pages

Are either of those an option for you? Due to the complexity of the changes I would need to make to support the new setting, I'm not sure I can add it before the annotations rework or the iOS version.

I was really only concerned with triggering the next link or page turn using my foot pedal, which is set to “Activate Next Link or Go to Next Page”. (Is there a difference between that and "Activate Next Link Point or Turn Page"?) There is no such action available for a screen touch point anyway. Besides the center-left/center-right zones are not programmable.

So with my pedal set to activate or turn, MS uses the defined link point sequence to trigger them in order correctly. But I still would like to know if a link point showing on the page is the one that will be triggered, so that I don't hit the pedal at the wrong time.

If my song just has section repeats I would certainly use the simpler page order feature instead of link points. But if my song has D.S./D.C repeats with jump points in the middle of score pages, link points help me navigate more easily. For example, I have a song with 2 link points - Page 5 to Page 2, and then Page 4 to Page 5. I start to play, seeing the link point circle on page 2 and then on page 4. MS will correctly turn to
page 5 on the next pedal press, but I might react to the link point circle visible somewhere on page 4 and inadvertently hit the pedal not realizing, as MS certainly does, that that was NOT the next link point. Now I'm on page 5 instead of finishing the rest of page 4. Similarly I might inadvertently skip past a link point I should have triggered. Possible performance panic.

This is why I propose to display if possible only the upcoming "from" link point, then its "to" point, then only the next "from" point. It would be more than enough if this feature were only available to pedal presses. I don't think a new setting is needed, but I suppose it might be tricky to implement because of the different page turning modes and their bidirectionality. But it would be even more of an assist than with normal score reading, where your attention can be distracted from the flow of music making to the notational structure of the music in order to turn pages in proper sequence.

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