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Vertical scrolling = black screen of death
    This happens every so often, and I can't figure out what setting is causing/fixing the issue.

I like to use Vertical Scrolling mode in portrait orientation so that I can see an entire page plus the first line or two of the next. I don't actually start the scrolling, instead turn with a pedal. Then one day (like today), I open a song and only see a black screen. I rotate to landscape and the music appears. Rotate back to portrait, black screen. Tap on screen, and menu items appear. Set to Single Page, and music appears. Change back to Vertical Scrolling, and it's gone again. 

Then, seemingly out of the blue (in another day), it will all work again. So what setting(s) should I check to keep this from happening. Yes, I could just use Single Page or Half Page, but I really like the other mode, which has worked well in the past. Thx
It would help if you can provide the following information:

1) What version of MobileSheetsPro are you currently running (check under Settings->About)?
2) What type of device are you using and what OS version is it running?
3) Are you using PDFs for your songs, other file types, or a mix?
4) Once you see the black screen, does every song load with a black screen? Or is it just that one? What happens if you switch and load another song, and then switch back and load the first song again? Does the black screen go away?
5) When the black screen comes up, if you tap the icon at the bottom left corner of the song overlay that looks like a gallery icon then Zoom/Pan Settings and you reset the zoom/pan, does the page display properly?
6) If you load a song that has more than three pages and you get the black screen,does turning forward 3 pages then back 3 pages fix the issue?
7) If you change the page scaling mode to "Fit Screen" instead of "Full screen", does that change anything?
8) What page alignment setting (top|middle|bottom) are you currently using?

The reason I need to ask all these questions is that a long time ago, a black page issue was reported on certain Samsung devices such as the Samsung Note Pro 12.2 but no solution was ever found, as it only happens on certain devices. I could never reproduce it myself no matter how many tests I ran, even when using the same exact libraries and settings as the users experiencing the issue. I need to see if the problem you are experiencing is the same issue or something entirely new. No other users have reported issues with black pages recently.


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