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Annotation rework
Any updates on this project? ETA?
Finishing up the last two pieces of functionality that I want included with the rework, then doing a bunch of internal testing, then opening it up to beta testing. So I should be reaching out to interested users on the Android side for beta testing within the next week or so. While I'm waiting for bug reports from the beta testers, I'll be finishing up the Windows 10 side, and then I may have a short round of testing with users on the Windows 10 side as well to be on the safe side, as the number of changes are significant and I want this release to go as smoothly as possible.

(If this is an RTFM post, I apologize and humbly request that you ignore or remove it!)

I would love to volunteer to be in the Windows 10 beta testing. My use case is Windows 10 on an Intel laptop, more or less updated regularly. Not important, but I use it with a touchscreen interface. This same machine runs a VST but has plenty of RAM for both. I sync with OneDrive.

Sorry to repeat, but any updates from 2 months ago?

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