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annotations when rotating the score
Hola, cuando tengo algo escrito sobre cualquier partitura y giro la partitura, ¡mis anotaciones no rotan! ¿Es algo normal o cometí un error con mi configuración?
Necesito escribir en una posición de pantalla horizontal porque necesito escribir con el teclado en mi SP4, pero cuando tengo que realizar es más fácil ver la página completa usando una posición de pantalla vertical.
Annotations in MobileSheetsPro will not rotate if the page is rotated, as I don't currently support that. It's assumed that pages will be in the correct orientation before annotations are created.  I'm a little confused why you are having to rotate your scores at all though based upon your description. Have I misunderstood you, and you are just rotating your device? If you do that, the page should be resized but the annotations should still be in the correct orientation relative to the page.

I'd like to request this as a feature: rotating existing annotations with pages that get rotated. 

I'll explain how this proves useful: my dad uses MobileSheetsPro on his Android phone, in combination with a 15.6" inch portable USB-C monitor. It's an easy, one cable solution (which doesn't need a separate tablet). But there's a catch: nowadays Android only supports landscape mode for external displays. The workaround to be used here is rotating every portrait document to landscape, but that screws up existing annotations. Could this be added to your long list of to be added features, Mike? Thanks in advance!
I can look into at some point, but supporting rotation of annotations may turn out to be very difficult. If I can just apply a rotation transformation on the annotation before drawing it, then that's easy, but I have a feeling it's not going to be that simple. This also means that I have to store the rotation amount when each annotation is created so that I can calculate how much to rotate each annotation based on the current rotation of the page, i.e. if the page was rotated 90 degrees when the annotation was first created but is now rotated 270 degress, each annotation would need to be rotated 180 degrees.

Thanks, I understand the difficulties there... Isn't there a way to hardcode annotations to the pdf file, so that they're part of the document itself? They don't really need to be editable.
Yes, just tap the three dots at the top right corner of the annotations editor, then tap "Embed Annotations". The annotations will then become part of the page and if the page is rotated, they will rotate too. You can still move or delete the annotations at a later point if needed by switching on the option to "Enable editing of embedded PDF annotations".

Thank you!! I totally overlooked that, but it works great! Consider my problem solved.
Why not rotate the actual display instead of the page like Mike says above in post #2.  If I use the quick menu on the bottom right or the actual display and I rotate, everything rotates...
Can your dad do the same with his phone?
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