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Vertical view (portrait)
I am a brand new user of this software.  I would like to use it in a vertical mode, as if the laptop were a "tablet".  Wondering if that is even possible.
In settings, I set Device Orientation to Portrait.  Yet none of the music is coming up in portrait.  Or is that the laptop itself does not work in portrait?
Thanks for any help.
Hello Louweez,

If the tablet doesn't have a rotation sensor (which it most likely does not), then you may not be able force it to rotate in MobileSheets. I'm assuming you tried to use Settings->Display Settings->Device Orientation Lock set to Portrait and nothing happened, correct? If that is the case, you may need to try changing the display setting in Windows 10 itself: https://www.howtogeek.com/356816/how-to-...ys-screen/

If you set the display orientation to portait, that might force the laptop to rotate 90 degrees.  A less desirable option is for you to rotate all of your scores in MobileSheets 90 degrees, but that will cause severe usability issues.

I know this is a very old post but maybe is good to share that I was facing a similar problem in Windows with my new dell Lattittude 5290 2-in-1.  The system orientation lock was always on and locked.
I discovered that this is the case if the keyboard is attached.  When detached, the lock can be switched off and the tablet auto-rotates which is ideal if you use MSP in portrait mode and there's no need to change the orientation in windows every time you use it.
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