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Sync from Dropbox to Android not working?
Just bought the PRO version and love it!

I have put some files in my dropbox folder. I have named a folder PIANO, and inside I have a folder for each piano sheet in either pdf or jpg.
So far so good.

- Then I go to my mobile (Android version 9.1) and SYNC LIBRARY. 
- I choose SYNC TO FOLDER IN CLOUD (the second option)
- I select my PIANO folder in Dropbox
- I select UPDATE UNIT on SYNC TYPE (my phone is in Norwegian, so not sure what the exact string is in the English version)
- I select all the options except "delete songs"
- press START
- in the status windows, it says "comparing song..." and I can hit finish after around 6-7 seconds

None of the songs in Dropbox will be added to my phone. The only way I have figured out is to manually import each song.

Am I doing something wrong?
Think of the sync feature as having a MobileSheetsPro library sitting up in the cloud folder you pick. When you merge to that folder, it's going throuigh that library and comparing it to the one on your device. So if you just drop files into the folder, the MobileSheetsPro library that is stored in the cloud folder will not have information about those files (there is a database file in the cloud folder that tracks everything).  This was done so that more than just files can be tracked when merging. If I just tracked files and did file comparisons, it would be no different than a file sync to a folder, or a batch import of the cloud folder with "Avoid duplicate songs" enabled.

The sync feature is meant to allow multiple different devices to use a cloud folder to sync changes to so that each device can share/receive changes when necessary. What this means is that the first device should import files and create songs that it wants to share before synchronizing to the folder, then sync the library to the cloud folder (updating the library/database stored in the cloud folder) and then a different device can sync to the folder and get those new songs and files. 

I should note that if you check the "Search for new files and create songs in both libraries (slow)" option on the sync screen, then MobileSheetsPro will go through and scan for new files, import them into the library to create new songs, and then update the cloud folder library to account for those new files. This happens at the end of the sync, and it will take a very long time, especially if you have a lot of files/folders. So while I do support what you are trying to do, I think you will like it much better if you import the files on the device first, then sync to the cloud folder after.


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