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mobilesheet use with Airturn BT200
Hello Mobilesheet users!
Control of mobilesheet with Airturn BT 200,
I bought an Airturn BT200 to make it easier for me to turn the notes on the tablet, which also works, so 2 functions of the Airturn are used, but there are 4 switching functions. My question: is it possible
Function to generate which Mobilesheet puts in the basic screen. (Latest, songs, set lists, etc.) reset on the tablet is often associated with malfunctions.

Greetings Achim!
If you go to Settings->Library Settings->Tab Order, you can select which tabs are displayed. There is also an option at the bottom for selecting which tab is shown first when the app is started. Is that basically all you are asking for?

Hi Mike,
unfortunately this does not solve my problem.
The problem is that only the sheet music pages appear on the tablet, it cannot be seen like me in the library
eg. "Songs" come. If I don't hit the right spot blindly on the screen, Mobilesheet is switched off. It is always a matter of luck whether I come to the songs library or Mobilesheet
is turned off. A good option would be if the library screen was called after the message "End of song"
would turn the page by pressing the button again. Hoping for a solution, I remain with a musical greeting
What exactly do you mean when you say, "MobileSheets is turned off"? Does that mean the tablet screen is turned off, the application is immediately closed (either by you hitting the back button or by the app crashing) or you are returning to the home page of the tablet? You can enable Settings->Other Settings->Prompt Before Exit if you want to make sure that pressing the back button over and over doesn't result in the application exiting. 

You have several options for how to get around this issue. You could enable a touch action in the settings (Settings->Touch & Pedal Settings->Touch Actions) to return to the library screen so that you'd only have to tap a corner of the screen. You could enable Settings->Library Settings->Automatically Load Next Song so that turning past the end of the song would jump to the next song in the list. You can enable the "Prompt Before Exit" setting I mentioned. Hopefully one of these will work for your needs.

Hi Mike,
thanks for the quick help it works now
as I imagined, thanks again.
Greetings Achim!

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